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Juicing is a hot health topic right now, and cold-pressed juice is even hotter (figuratively speaking) Fresh, all-natural cold-pressed juice offers not only great taste and a slew of health benefits, but also an effective way to control weight and boost energy. However, the biggest obstacle many face in joining the cold-pressed juice consumption trend is finding the best cold-pressed juice in the first place. Which is where a monthly juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice comes in.

Pearl Lemon Juice has quickly gained a reputation for providing some of the best tasting, freshest and even most varied cold pressed juice options in London, via Pearl Lemon Cafe in Fulham. Our customers there love everything about our juices, and come back for more on a daily basis.

However, not everyone has the time to head down to the North End Road to stop in to get their juice fix at Pearl Lemon Cafe, and even more people live nowhere near it. As we think that everyone should have the chance to boost their health and treat their taste buds to high quality cold pressed juice on a regular basis, our monthly juice subscription delivers it fresh to their door.

What's So Different About Cold-Pressed Juice?

Cold-pressed juice differs from standard juice in that it has been heated in any way. Why does that matter when making juice? Heat degrades the quality, and heat-processed juices are less flavorful and nutrient-dense than cold-pressed juices.


Even when comparing basic juice flavours, like orange juice, cold-pressed juice and regular juice instantly taste different. Cold-pressed juices from Pearl Lemon Juice are more vibrant and energising. Additionally, the sweetness and crisp, nutritious flavour are properly balanced and not a drop of the ‘good stuff’ is wasted.


Our goal at Pearl Lemon Juice is to provide the best juice you’ve ever tasted. For premium quality and to preserve the nutritional value and anti-inflammatory health benefits of our ingredients, we believe that only offering cold-pressed juices is the way to go

Let’s examine the distinction between cold-pressed juice and regular juice in more detail:

A centrifugal juicer is used for typical juicing. With this kind of juicer, the ingredients are pulverized into a mushy pulp and the juice is extracted using razor-sharp blades spinning at high speeds. Despite frequently being faster than cold pressing, this technique unfortunately produces lots of heat.


The heat lessens the ingredients’ nutritional value and degrades their bright, fresh flavours. To make up for the poor quality of the finished product, many regular juices are subsequently pumped full of additional sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavours, or other chemicals. Regular juices might be just as unhealthy as soda in some cases.


Regular juices are pasteurized too. Juice is heated to as much as 161 degrees Fahrenheit during pasteurisation. Pasteurisation eradicates bacteria, and means that the juice will last longer, it also renders many of the health advantages of raw fruits and vegetables useless.


Cold pressed juicing is very different. Juices that have been cold-pressed typically include much higher levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients.

Hydraulic presses are used to produce cold-pressed juice. Usually, there are two steps to it. Before being put in a special filter bag, the juice ingredients must first be carefully examined for quality, completely cleaned, and chopped into smaller pieces.


The hydraulic press is then filled with the bagged contents. Thousands of pounds of pressure are applied by the press machine to extract every last drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables in the bag.


At no point is there heat involved in the cold-pressed juicing process, thus its name. However, the fresh juice is still perfectly safe for consumption thanks to a process called high pressure processing.


Cold-pressed juice does not ‘last’ as long as standard juices, but when you sign up for a monthly juice subscription from pearl Lemon Juice we ensure that it is so customisable that you receive just the right juices, at just the right time, to ensure you always have the fresh juice you want on hand.

What Juice Flavours are Available in a Pearl Lemon Juice Monthly Juice Subscription?

At our Fulham café we offer a wide range of cold-pressed juice flavours as well as custom created juice blends. The fact is that while almost any juice offers health benefits and great taste, that all differs a little from juice to juice, and what suits one person may not be what another is hoping to get from juicing.


For example, if you want to simply include a great, all-around basic juice once a day in your diet, a familiar juice, like orange juice, may be all you need. Orange juice offers lots of Vitamin C, folate and potassium and orange juice is also a good source of antioxidants like flavonoids, carotenoids, and ascorbic acid. When you drink cold-pressed orange juice you’ll notice a brighter, smoother taste too.

However, orange juice is just one of the options available when you sign up for a monthly juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice. We offer lots more juice flavours you are probably familiar with – apple, cranberry, pineapple – and even more that you might not have tried, including mango, acai berry and coconut. We also offer green juices that add healthy vegetables into the mix.

Speaking of mixes, we are experts when it comes to the art of creating great tasting juice blends. Our juice experts experiment with new flavour combinations all the time, and share the best of them with our customers, both at Pearl Lemon Cafe and via our monthly juice subscriptions. We can even include a juice blend you personally want to try, created just for you, in a personalised Pearl Lemon Juice monthly juice subscription.

Health Delivered on Your Schedule

By now, even if you weren’t before, you are probably a lot more interested in adding juice to your diet. But why choose a monthly juice subscription instead of buying individual juices from a shop?


Quality is a big factor – it’s hard to find high quality cold-pressed juice in shops – but so is consistency and convenience. To get the most out of juicing, it has to become a habit, and it’s easy to run out of juice, or forget to buy it, and break that healthy habit fast. A monthly juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice delivers the juices you want (and only the juices you want) just when you need them. Changing your order is easy too. When you want a change, you can adjust your preferences in a few clicks.


Ready to start getting the most out of life with a Pearl lemon Juice monthly juice subscription? Contact us today to get started.

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