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During the pandemic, the one thing that lots of people did, even if they were not particularly into health food, was revert to a childhood habit of drinking orange juice. Which was a great idea. As it’s a virus, COVID-19 can’t be ‘cured’, but like the common cold, or ‘regular’ flu, the stronger your immune system is the better, as the less likely you are to experience more serious symptoms.

So, given that lots of us have now returned to drinking orange juice on a regular basis, along with other tasty juices, it makes sense to carry on. After all, fruit and vegetable juices were always known to offer lots of health benefits. It’s simply that a lot of us forgot that.

At Pearl Lemon Juice, we’re on a mission to make healthy juicing even easier and more beneficial to your health. We cold press our juices using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and then serve and/or deliver them to our customers while they are super fresh. While we offer a wide variety of juice flavours and juice blends via our juice subscriptions, orange juice is still one of our most popular options, as it’s the one juice that most people know they love.

Why Choose an Orange Juice Subscription Over Supermarket Orange Juice?

In its purest form, which is to say squeezed straight from an orange, freshly squeezed orange juice offers a number of scientifically proven nutritional perks. It contains significant amounts of potassium, a vital element for heart health, as well as folate and vitamin C.

Studies have revealed that orange juice includes plenty of phytochemicals, or plant substances like flavonoids and carotenoids, which may have the ability to prevent or treat all kinds of diseases.

Orange juice’s significant vitamin C content can also assist your body better absorb the iron in plant-based foods like lentils and healthy grains, as well as aid in the production of collagen naturally.

It seems very clear that we should all be drinking our daily OJ, don’t you think? But before you reach for that supermarket orange juice, wait a minute. When it comes to nutrition, there are a few things to understand about the juice-making procedure that make a big difference to just how beneficial that glass of OJ is.

The truth is that orange juice consumed in supermarkets travels a great distance from the tree from which its ingredients are plucked to the shelf at your neighborhood store.

For speedy commercial juicing, produce is placed inside a big centrifugal juicer. Their priceless phytonutrients are harmed by the heat and oxidation that results from this. The majority of juices are then pasteurized to enable future long-term storage. The juice must be “cooked” for 45 minutes at 110 degrees in order to do this. Now that the juice has been sterilized, the majority of its nutrients have been removed, along with all contaminants.

That’s not all, though. The heated juice has now become a concentrate because 80% of its water content has been removed. Shipping and storage become easier as a result. The recipe calls for adding water and other juice concentrates to this concentration as the juice is decanted into cartons or bottles.

More additives, such as “flavor enhancers,” artificial sweeteners, colors, vitamins, and minerals are now included. The “juice” is then placed in a bottle or carton with a picture of an attractive, healthy orange.

Even if you do the right thing and read the label carefully, it’s simple to be misled because it often only lists “natural flavorings and colors” and fruit juices, along with a lengthy list of vitamins (which were artificially added later). And while no supermarket juice can claim to be fresh squeezed legally, manufacturers usually use lots of clever copy that implies that it is to consumers without actually getting them into legal trouble.

Man Making Healthy Juice Drink With Fresh Ingredients In Electric Juicer After Exercise

The Fresh Orange Juice Difference

Unlike those big juice companies, we can legally call the orange juice included in a Pearl Lemon Juice orange juice subscription freshly squeezed because it is. We source some of the finest oranges available, cold press them into healthy, additive free orange juice on site, sieve the juice so that it goes down smooth, add it to bottles and sell or ship it right away.

The orange juice you receive as a part of juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice has no additives, no extras, no colourings and zero things that are not supposed to be there and everything that is.

This does mean you’ll need to drink them faster than you might a supermarket orange juice, but that’s a good thing. As soon as it is created, orange juice will slowly begin to lose some of its potent nutrients, so fresher is always better. You can tailor your subscription so that we deliver just the right amounts at just the right times and, with proper storage in your fridge, your juice will be as fresh as possible.

Of course, we do offer more than just orange juice. Most people should think about incorporating a juice habit into their daily routine, but if you are forced to drink the same orange juice every day, it may get so monotonous that you stop.

Some people DO appreciate the same flavors every day, and we can definitely incorporate that desire into a customised Pearl Lemon Juice subscription.


If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might want to keep orange juice on your daily list as here’s a fun fact you might not know: vitamin C can enhance your body’s absorption of non-heme iron—a type of iron found in plants and plant based food products that tends to be more challenging for your body to absorb than the heme-iron found in animal products.

However, the majority of our customers do want some variety in their juicing diet. Why would you restrict yourself to just one when there are so many delectable fruits and vegetables available, many of which offer various different health benefits?

You can pick which wholesome juice mixes are included, how frequently you get deliveries, and how much juice you get with a Pearl Lemon Juice subscription. The last thing you’ll ever experience when juicing is boredom because you can always switch up your options.

Are you ready to start juicing for better health? So that you can begin tomorrow, choose a Pearl Lemon Juice orange juice subscription today.

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