Cold Pressed Juice Subscription

You’ve no doubt seen or read a lot recently about cold-pressed juice and the fact that an increasing number of people are turning to it to help them feel better, gain more energy and improve their health overall.

But it can be difficult and expensive to find the time and resources necessary to buy, prepare, and make fresh cold-pressed juice every day. We are aware of this, which is why drinking a juice every day via a cold-pressed juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice is an ideal way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. This juicing habit can also help you lose weight, combat disease, conquer stress, and achieve optimal health.

With a cold-pressed juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice someone else – us – does all the hard work involved in sourcing the best ingredients, creating the optimal juice blends, buying the juicing equipment, doing the actual juicing (!) and more. All you have to do is drink your way to a healthier you. You won’t even have to find the time to head to the shops, as our cold-pressed juice subscription means that the goodness is delivered right to your door.

Cold Pressed Juice Subscription

Cold-pressed juice is made by extracting as much juice as possible from your preferred raw fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press that applies intense pressure. More of the fruit and vegetables – and the healthy nutrients they contain – are preserved during the high-pressure processing than during conventional juicing. Instead of picturing a whirling blade chopping thousands of fruits at once, which is the case when juice is conventionally mass-produced, picture a big flat board pressing each fruit one by one.

As a result, the juice you drink as a part of your Cold Pressed Juice Subscription with Pearl Lemon Juice will be healthier and tastier.

Since cold-pressing requires a lot of work, letting Pearl Lemon Juice do all of it, while you just get to drink every last drop of the tasty juice we produce without any extra effort, makes a lot of sense. We also do all of the ingredient sourcing, so that your juice is crafted using only the best and freshest fruits and vegetables.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Cold Pressed Juice?

Even if you have been swayed by all of the recent arguments for adopting a Cold Pressed Juice Subscription and a juicing lifestyle – and there are some very good ones – you might be wondering why you should opt for cold-pressed juice over the stuff you can buy in the supermarket.

The fact is that Cold Pressed Juice Subscription, the juice sold in supermarkets has a very long journey from the tree or field where its ingredients are harvested to the shelf at your local shop.

Cold Pressed Juice Subscription: Produce items are put inside a quick commercial centrifugal machine for commercial juicing. This leads to heat and oxidation, which harms their precious phytonutrients. After that, most juices are pasteurized to facilitate later long-term storage. To do this, the juice must be “boiled” for 45 minutes at 110 degrees. The juice has now been rendered sterile and is devoid of the bulk of its nutrients as well as all impurities.

But that’s not all. With the Cold Pressed Juice Subscription, the cooked juice has now had 80% of its water content removed, turning it into a concentrate. This greatly simplifies shipping and storage. This concentrate is then combined with water and extra juice concentrates, as per the recipe.

At this stage, with Cold Pressed Juice Subscription, more ingredients are added, including “flavour enhancer packs,” artificial sweeteners, colours, vitamins, and minerals. After that, the “juice” is put in a bottle or carton with a picture of a fresh, nutritious vegetable. Even if you carefully read the label, it’s easy to be misled as it typically simply lists “natural flavorings and colors” and fruit juices, along with a long list of vitamins (which were artificially added later).

Compare this to Cold Pressed Juice Subscription. The fruit is put under lots of pressure until all the juice is extracted. Then it’s strained, bottled, refrigerated and sold. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away and all the nutrients it contains are 100% natural.

Cold-pressed juice does have a much shorter shelf life, which is why when we are packaging up the juice included in a cold-pressed juice subscription everything is done quickly. The juice to bottle to box to shipping right to your door process is timed so that the juice you drink is as fresh as it should be, and always tastes as good as it should.

What are the Best Cold-Pressed Juice Ingredients?

To single out a few ingredients as the ‘best’ choices for Cold Pressed Juice Subscription is not really possible, as so many different fruits and veggies can be juiced, and often combined to create cold-pressed juice blends that offer the maximum possible amounts of nutrition and taste.

After all, if your Cold Pressed Juice Subscription juice tastes terrible, and choking it down is a chore, the chances that you’ll stick to a juicing habit are slim, and you certainly won’t enjoy it. As juice lovers, at Pearl Lemon Juice, while we understand that the health benefits of juice are a big deal, the taste should be every bit as important.

Rather than use artificial sweeteners and fake flavours to create tastier juices, we experiment with the best blends of all natural juices. For example, our cold pressed juices combining power house superfoods like green vegetables with sweeter fruits – which also pack a serious nutritional punch – to create a more palatable drink are hugely popular with our customers, and we are pretty sure you’ll love them too.

Apricot juice in glass. Healthy drink
Bruschetta with soft cheese, juicy pear and a glass of fresh juice. Eco breakfast. Fitness menu.
raw sea buckthorn and orange juice in glasses. with rosemary. antioxidant drink for immunity

The Importance of Fresh Ingredients

When it comes to creating the Cold Pressed Juice Subscription and the cold-pressed juices to include in our subscriptions – and to serve to our customers in person, something else that is very important to us is that the ingredients we use are as fresh as possible.

To meet that goal of providing the best experience, they are sourced locally from providers we know, and who we know value freshness and quality as much as we do. It takes extra effort, and can be more expensive, but with our Cold Pressed Juice Subscription, we think it’s all well worth it (and know for sure that it is when our customers rave about our juice.)

Why are fresh ingredients so important? Oxidation. As soon as fruits and vegetables are picked or harvested, the process of oxidation begins, which slowly robs the produce of some of its nutrients. The fresher our ingredients are, the better the juice will be, both in terms of nutritional content and taste.

Ready to experience the benefits of cold-pressed juicing for yourself? Stop into our Fulham cafe and try some, or contact us to begin the process of building the perfect personalised cold-pressed juice subscription to be delivered right to your door.

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