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Green juice is big news in the world of health and wellness right now (even though it’s been around forever) and drinking more of it is something that lots of people at least plan to do. But sourcing all the right ingredients, figuring you the right way to juice them, finding the time, and the equipment to do so, is all such a hassle that many folks just give up on the idea. Enter the green juice subscription from Pearl Lemon Juice.

We deliver our freshly made, expertly crafted green juice right to your door on the schedule that makes sense for you. We do all the hard work, you reap all the benefits. A Pearl Lemon Juice green juice subscription makes green juicing easy, as well as very tasty too!

What is Green Juice?

When it comes to the green juice included in a Pearl Lemon Juice green juice subscription, the slightly flippant, but accurate answer to this question would be that it’s juice that’s green. But our freshly made green juices are a lot more than just a brightly coloured beverage!

The usual ingredients for most Green Juice Subscription recipes are celery, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, parsley, and mint, though there is no set recipe for it.

Most recipes also add modest amounts of fruit, which may or may not be green, to sweeten and generally increase the palatability of green juice because it tends to taste bitter.

Apples, berries, kiwis, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are a few common fruit options used by a lot of folks, but as we love to experiment with both new flavours and new fruits and veggies that offer even more taste and nutrition at Pearl Lemon Juice our green juices also often include other less usual ingredients like pears, avocados, courgettes, limes and more.

Green Juice is Not a Just a Trend

Green juice is not just about following a new trend. The ‘5 a Day’ initiative has been around for as long as many of us can remember, as an official NHS recommendation. Evidence suggests that eating at least 5 servings of a mix of fruits and vegetables each day has major health benefits, according to the NHS and the World Health Organization. Not 5 servings of each, but 5 portions of fruit and vegetables altogether. An 80g serving of fruit or vegetables five times a day.

A more recent recommendation, from the venerable University College London, suggested upping that figure to seven, bringing the amount of fruits and veggies they suggest we consume to stay healthy to 560g.

But it’s advice that a LOT of us have never really followed. Recent research has found that 70% of UK adults eat fewer than five portions of fruit and veg a day, and that overall we are eating less of them in general than in 2003 when ‘5 a day’ became an official Government guideline.

A lot of nutritionists would prefer that people ate more whole fruits and vegetables, but understanding that many people don’t agree that getting the recommended amounts of them in the form of an easy to drink beverage is just fine too. Whatever it takes is the attitude they take.

Man Making Healthy Juice Drink With Fresh Ingredients In Electric Juicer After Exercise

What's So Healthy About Green Juice?

Perhaps the best thing about green juice is that it offers people an easy, fast and convenient way to get those five – or seven – servings of fruit and vegetables every day. There are all kinds of reasons why people don’t get them in their everyday diet. Some people are too busy to shop for, and then cook, fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and even more people just don’t like the taste of green vegetables.

But why do those recommendations exist in the first place? What difference does it really make to our health that, say, popping a vitamin supplement every morning can’t replace?

The fact is that carefully created, freshly made green juice, which is just what you get with a Pearl Lemon Juice green juice subscription, has a lot to offer everyone, no matter how old they are or how generally healthy they consider themselves to be. The ‘top’ benefits of drinking fresh green juices include:

Reducing Bodily Inflammation

According to medical professionals, inflammatory processes are at the core of almost every chronic disease process known to contemporary humans, from obesity and diabetes to heart disease and cancer. Green Juice Subscription fresh green juice decreases inflammation in your body. So, in a nutshell, inflammation = bad, Green Juice Subscription anti-inflammatory green juice = good.

Increases Cellular Hydration

In order to boost your body’s overall hydration, which can assist with issues like skin itchiness, cognitive fog, and lower sugar cravings, green juice offers the ideal ratio of water and minerals. Increasing your overall hydration can help you eat a more balanced diet and even lose weight because dehydration makes you feel more hungry.

Improved Digestion

Digestion, and the digestive system, are issues most of us don’t like to talk about because it’s all rather unpleasant. However, your digestive, or ‘gut’ health is crucial to your overall well-being.

In the end, all food is digested in the gut into a simple form that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed as nutrients throughout our bodies. Only a healthy digestive system makes this possible. Healthy immune cells and gut flora that protect against pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungus also depend on a healthy digestive system. Additionally, a healthy gut communicates with the brain via neurons and hormones, preserving overall health and wellbeing.

An increasing number of UK adults do not have a healthy digestive system. In fact, according to recent NHS figures between 1 and 2 in every 10 UK adults suffer from IBS – irritable bowel syndrome – and poor digestive health has a lot to do with that.

Drinking green juice regularly, which a Pearl Lemon Juice green juice subscription will help ensure that you do, improves your digestive health naturally and easily.

Strengthen Your Body's Immune System

Your body is drenched in plant nutrients and chlorophyll thanks to green juice.  Your immune system is boosted by chlorophyll, which also reduces inflammation, boosts the creation of red blood cells, and improves your cells’ capacity to transport oxygen.

Green juice’s ingredients are highly effective at detoxifying and healing the body. It’s a fantastic way to begin the day, especially if you are one of the many people who don’t usually have time for a traditional healthy breakfast.

Improve Your Skin

Forget fancy moisturizers, green juice is one of the best things you can do for your skin. The extra hydration and gut-healing benefits of green juice make it especially good for your skin, keeping it clear and giving you that extra dewy healthy glow you thought only came out of a bottle.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Juice's Green Juice Subscription?

A green juice subscription, which sees fresh, tasty green juice delivered right to your door, offers an easy way to make juicing a daily thing, which is when it works best. But why choose Pearl Lemon Juice?

As experts in fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, as well as juicing, we create approachable flavors using only healthy ingredients.

Unlike many others in our industry, we never use artificial ingredients in our green juice, juice blends, smoothies, or juice shots. We are dedicated to providing the most nutritious green juice and juice combinations in the freshest and tastiest ways. Try a green juice subscription for a week to find out for yourself, we are pretty sure you’ll become as much of a fan as we are.

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