How to Make Healthy Juices for Kids

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The best way to start juicing for toddlers is with a simple fruit juice. Fruits are easy to digest and packed with nutrients. They also provide a great source of fibre that can help in the digestion process.

The first step is to buy all the necessary equipment, including a juicer, blender, and pitcher. Once you have all these items, it’s time to prepare your ingredients. You’ll need two apples, one carrot, two stalks of celery, and half an orange for this recipe.


Benefits of Juicing Fruits and Vegetables with Your Toddler

Juicing fruits and vegetables with your toddler is a great way to introduce them to healthy food. It is a fun way to get them involved in the kitchen and teach them about the benefits of healthy foods.

Benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables with your toddler:

– Toddlers can taste the difference between juice that has been strained and juice that hasn’t been strained

– It’s easy for toddlers to drink their fruits and vegetables

– Toddlers are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables when they have had a chance to taste them

Healthy Drinks for Toddlers


Have you caught the milk slogan? Milk really can do wonders. But you need to ensure your child is at least one when they start drinking it. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, milk is rich in other vitamins that are especially important for healthy and strong bones and teeth. It’s best to avoid the premixed flavoured “moo juice” at the store; it’s got more sugar and fat than regular milk.

If your child doesn’t like milk, you might want to try soy milk, which is sweeter. It’s important to serve milk at the appropriate time of day and don’t overdo it. If she drinks too much, it will decrease her appetite for other healthy foods, which she needs more because that’s where most of her nutrients come from. Milk is meant to be part of a balanced diet, not the only thing kids drink.

Shoot for about 16 ounces a day, but don’t make it the main thing. If your daughter is lactose intolerant, you can substitute dairy milk with soy milk or almond milk. If you’re worried about a calcium deficiency, there are plenty of other ways to get that mineral in her diet other than drinking cow’s milk. Make sure she also gets plenty of whole grains like oats and brown rice and vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower.


Water is sugar-free, fat-free and carb-free. It is also calorie-free if it’s coming straight from the tap at your home. But what if your kid just can’t get enough water? Add some citrus slices to make it more interesting.

Drinks to Avoid

Fruit Drinks and Soda

It’s kind of scary to think that people are asking their kids to consume what is essentially fruit-flavoured sugar water in the same way they would nutritious milk. The sugar in these drinks is one of the major causes of obesity among children and tooth decay. So even though they are often marketed in ways designed to appeal to a toddler’s senses, it is best if you keep them out of sight.

Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine is a stimulant and should be prevented from children under the age of 12. It can cause many issues, including sleep deprivation. Other beverages that might contain caffeine include ice tea, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Young kids have a lower tolerance for caffeine than adults, which means it can affect sleep and routine. Along with migraines, nausea and trouble concentrating, boredom can also lead to troubling behaviour during the daytime.


Drinks to be Taken with Caution

Fresh Juices

Doctors recommend that children aged three or younger drink no more than 4 oz of juice at a time. It’s got excessive amounts of sugar, which can harm your child’s stomach and cause cavities. Generally, children under three drink no more than four ounces of 100% juice per day. As a parent, you should always be mindful of what your child is drinking and when. Feed your toddler no more than 4 ounces of juice each day and do your best to avoid it if they seem like they don’t enjoy the taste. One way to feel satisfied with less juice: Add some water


It’s not good to give your toddler a smoothie as an alternative to water, but if you want something healthy to give them instead of sweets, try a smoothie. Choose things like milk and crushed ice mixed with raspberries. You can also blend in your child’s favourite fruit flavours like strawberries or bananas.

Recommended Healthy Juice Recipes

Orange Ginger Juice

This juice helps give a full range of nutrition with carrots, oranges, apples and ginger, as well as turmeric. It’s important to know that oranges are filled with vitamin C so that they can boost immunity. The ginger and turpine also help you feel better. There is not just one way to prevent colds, but combining ginger and turmeric can help. Both of these ingredients have antimicrobial properties, yet turmeric also contains curcumin which helps make cells resistant to infections.

Green Juice

I’m not sure why we call this Green Gorilla Juice, but I know my girls drink it more. When they’re willing to eat or drink anything green, I make sure it happens at home. This juice is delicious and contains nutrients that help the immune system. Kale, watermelon, and pears are all health-enhancing to our bodies, as is broccoli stem and the many benefits that it has.

Tropical Juice

This is a fun new juice we offer at our shops. It’s perfect for kids and adults who are looking for something that reminds them of my classic ABC juice! My regular ABC juice is a great combination of apples, beets and carrots. It’ll light up your day every time you have it! This recipe adds a big dose of vitamin C from pineapples and elderberry syrup for an extra health boost. This will make your homemade popsicles delicious and healthy! A reader mentioned elderberry syrup to me this year, and it’s been a total game-changer for my kids and me. It tastes amazing, too!

Conclusion: What drinks should Toddlers drink

Toddlers need to be educated on how to drink. They are not like adults who can drink alcohol and have a good time. Toddlers should only drink water and milk.

Toddlers should not drink soda, juice, or energy drinks because they are too sweet. They also shouldn’t have alcohol before the age of 12.

Alcohol is a depressant, and it slows down the brain’s activity which can lead to serious developmental problems in toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is orange juice good for a one-year-old?

It is a common misconception that orange juice is good for a one-year-old. It contains a lot of sugar and should be avoided by children below the age of 2 years.

Orange juice contains a lot of sugar which can lead to obesity as well as tooth decay. It also has a high level of Vitamin C which can cause diarrhoea in children under the age of two.

Is apple juice good for one-year-olds?

Apple juice is a good drink for babies, but it is not recommended for children who are older than one year old.

Apple Juice is a great drink for babies, but it should not be given to over one-year-old children. There are some concerns that the sugar in the juice may cause tooth decay and lead to cavities.

In addition, apple juice can cause diarrhoea or vomiting if it’s given too much too quickly.

Is green juice good for toddlers?

Green juice is a popular drink among parents, but does it have any benefits for toddlers?

Green juice is a popular drink among parents, but does it have any benefits for toddlers? Green juices are a mixture of fruit and vegetables that can be consumed on their own or mixed with water. While green juices are healthy, they may not be the best choice for the youngest of children.

Green juices have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which can be good for toddlers. But some toddlers may not be able to tolerate these levels of nutrients without causing them harm.

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