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The juice industry is a booming business. The market for fresh juice is expected to reach $22 billion by 2025. There are many reasons why people love to drink fresh juice. It has lots of nutrients and antioxidants and it’s also easy to digest. This article discusses the benefits of drinking fresh juice, how long you can store it, and how you can maximize the shelf life of your juice so that it lasts longer in your fridge.

Fresh juices are a healthy way to drink your fruits and vegetables without having to worry about them going bad before you have time to drink them all.

The shelf life of fresh juices depends on the type of fruit or vegetable that they are made from, their preparation method, storage conditions, and other factors such as the acidity level in the product.


What is the shelf life of fresh juice in the refrigerator?

I’ve already mentioned some ways to store fresh juice in a refrigerator, but I will elaborate further on how to prolong its shelf life, no matter what type of refrigerator you have.

There is a huge difference between side-by-side fridges and French-door fridges when it comes to storing juice, as they both have large storage space. It must be consumed within 72 hours after it has been refrigerated.

The reason behind this is the fact that fresh juice is full of nutritional compounds, vitamins, minerals, and so much more. In fresh juices only, but not in juices that have been stored for days at a time, are all of these compounds present?

Store-bought juices are no different. Fresh juice is healthier for you and your body than bottled juice. In addition to better digestion and more energy, fresh juice can also help you lose weight and get more antioxidants.


Can fresh juice be kept for a long time after juicing?

Fresh juice can typically be kept for a certain period of time, depending on the type of juicer and storage method used. Juice should be consumed within 24 hours after it has been juiced. When it reaches that point, the taste and nutrition are at their best.

The juice can always be stored in the refrigerator should you go over the limit and make more juice than you originally planned. This juice will keep for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. It is important to remember, though, that the juice won’t stay as fresh as it was at first.

You can extend the shelf life of your fresh juice by using different storage techniques. Keep reading to learn more about keeping homemade juice fresh for longer, and you’ll see some of these methods mentioned further in the article.

What Is The Best Way To Make Fresh Juice Last Longer?

If you want your fresh juice to last longer, proper storage is vital. I have mentioned it several times before. My favourite storage techniques are very easy and convenient, which I will share with you if you do not know how to store them properly. Here we go!

Glass containers must be airtight.

If you want to put fresh juice in a container, you should always use a glass instead of a plastic one. It is mainly due to the presence of harmful chemicals in plastic.

You will not be able to drink juice after storing it in a plastic container because that juice will inevitably become contaminated with those chemicals. Aside from that, liquids in plastic containers can leak due to the acidic properties of the juice.

If you use a glass container, none of these things will happen to your juice. As long as you close the container tightly enough to prevent oxidation, it’s safe to use this type of container.

The tops of the containers should be filled.

As frozen juice sometimes expands a bit, you should always leave some space in the container when freezing fresh juice. You should fill the container all the way to the top if you are only planning to store the juice in the fridge.

You need to ensure there are no air spaces in the container when you do this. The juice will remain fresh for a longer period of time if you fill the glass jar to the top and seal it tightly.

Juice should be stored immediately after preparation

You should store the juice in the fridge right away if you are not planning on drinking it. The juice will start to go bad very soon when left exposed, just like fresh fruit.

As soon as you’ve finished juicing, place the juice in a glass jar with a good lid. The juice will keep for a long time.

Juice Must Be Frozen Properly!

In addition to extending the life of juice, freezing it will also reduce its nutritional value. The best way to freeze it would be in ice cubes rather than in bottles or jars, as I have mentioned before.

The container should be vacuum-sealed

Despite the fact that many people are not familiar with vacuum sealing their containers, this is an excellent way of keeping the juice fresh for longer. Due to its popularity, some companies are even manufacturing bottles and jars that can seal themselves.

Conclusion: When Does Juice Lose Its Nutrients After It Is Juiced?

Within thirty minutes of squeezing fresh juice, the nutrients will begin to disappear. For this reason, I have recommended that you drink the juice promptly after it is prepared.

If you are concerned that lime juice might become rancid, you might be unsure. The fruit will not be spoiled immediately, but after some time, the taste and smell will be tainted, and the nutrients will be lost.

To better understand, think of how browning occurs when you cut your fruit, like pineapples, and leave them for a period of time. Vegetables and fruits are all susceptible to browning in this way. For this reason, they shouldn’t be left exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must fresh juice be consumed immediately?

It is always recommended to drink fresh juice right away after making it. You always know how long orange juice will last, for example, if you wonder if it will go bad.

Due to the possibility of fresh juice becoming contaminated quickly, you should only take as much juice as you can drink at one time and drink it as soon as it is squeezed.

Fresh juice can be kept in the freezer for how long?

Fresh juice should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than a couple of days but rather in the freezer. By doing so, you will be able to keep your juice for as long as six months without it going bad.

Fresh juice expands when frozen, so be aware of that before freezing your freshly squeezed juice. Therefore, when you store it, you will only need to fill 2/3 or maybe even only half of the container. To prevent the juice from bursting out of the container, do this no matter what material the container is made from.

The other thing you should know about frozen juice is that most of the nutrients are lost after three months. Consequently, it will be more like water when you unfreeze it than the juice you made months earlier.

Consider freezing fresh juice in ice cube trays if you want to freeze it. Taking them out of the tray will make them taste amazing while also allowing them to be used with water on those hot summer days.

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